Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today's my eight birthday. WHOOP! YAY! Seriously, though it's really my fourteen birthday. I broke a major birthday rule, I cried today, it's all because of some devil named Miles, who is my best friend(Cilla's) boyfriend. She told him it was my birthday and then on my yahoo messenger, he just says really mean things about me. Like how I look eight years old which isn't true because unless eight years have boobs, it will never be. And that I'm anorexic looking but he is sixteen, 6'3 and only weighs 110 pounds(he and my best friend, Cilla weigh about the same and she's fourteen), so who's the anorexic one now? He also said a lot of stuff that I can't put on here because it would inappropriate. Since I'm one of those people who wear their heart on their sleeve, I began to cry. Buckets of tears were pouring down and then Cilla(remember my best friend) actually told her boyfriend, Miles I was crying. He seemed to have taking pride in making me cry because he asked questions about how much I was crying, How long I had been crying, etc. Then Miles says that he will apologize. The apologe was the worse part of it. Miles thinks he's a charming person, but I can see though his fakeness. His reasons for cruelty? According to Miles, I was trying to break up him and Cilla and he was angry and that he didn't mean any of it. Okay, HELLO! If I wanted him and Cilla to break up than this is only going to make me try harder. And I hadn't even talked to him lately, this attack was just random and out of no where. I would of liked like a sincere, honest better than a fake ass one that lies. This is an example of what Miles SHOULD of said: "I'm sorry for that. It's just I was trying to hurt you the best I possible could and this was the best day for it. At the time I meant ever single word I said, even though most of it wasn't true, but now I'm sorry." Honestly what is wrong with this guy?

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